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Revealing the secret to our authentic sourdough pizza, handmade pasta, and exquisite ingredients, tucked away just for you.

SourDoug PIZZA

Our pizzas begin with ‘Kurt’ (true story!), a cherished 30-year-old sourdough starter that has journeyed across the globe with our head chef, Mirko. Following a meticulous 72-hour process of fermentation, mixing, folding, and shaping, our dough is ready for our Italian-made 300°C oven.



All our pasta is crafted in-house, with nothing sourced from abroad except for our talented head chef and sous chef, who honed their skills in some of Europe’s finest kitchens.

By combining simple ingredients with expert handiwork, our homemade pasta forms the foundation of truly distinctive dishes.


When we set out to create Boxford, we made ingredients the cornerstone of the culinary journey we wanted to share with you. We bring you the finest products imported from Italy while also sourcing locally, such as our meats from Vicars Estate or our fish and seafood from the Cornish coast. 

You can also find our own olive oil blend on your table when dinning with us.

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